Football Fan app empowers fans with non-crypto NFT platform

Football Fan, an app that is revolutionising the way fans connect, engage with each other and their favourite teams, and are rewarded for their contribution and engagement on the app, has officially launched its NFT marketplace, available exclusively on the Football Fan App.

Now users who post content on the app can convert that content into exclusive NFTs, and then list them on the App’s marketplace to trade within minutes.

All NFT creation and trades are executed through FanCoin®, the App’s exclusive digital token, which can be earned through contributing and engaging on the App or can also be purchased using in-app purchase. All transactions are recorded and secured on the blockchain, so that anyone can track the ownership and authenticity of their NFTs.

We believe that this unique, brand-new NFT solution will democratise football, and put power back into the hands of fans, meaning they can effectively monetise their intellectual property, on their own terms.

Any content can be converted in NFTs from your mobile phone, meaning users can avoid having to use cryptocurrencies, or any other web-based platforms, reducing risk, avoiding high transaction fees, making the process completely seamless and quick.

On behalf of Football Fan App, CEO Amit Singh Rathore said:

“We are delighted that our brand new NFT marketplace breaks down the barriers most NFT platforms put up, meaning our users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs without having cryptocurrencies in their wallet.

To create, sell or buy NFTs on our app, users simply buy them using our digital rewards token FanCoin® where users can also buy FanCoin® using Apple’s in-app purchase. We have made it so simple that a common man on the street can benefit from the underlying blockchain technology, its benefits and create revenue streams for themselves.

We have spent a lot of time working with Apple to get this feature approved before making it available on their app store. This shows that our safe, secure platform, which puts the power back into the hands of fans, has been recognised at the highest levels.

Our app is designed by football fans, for football fans, and is changing the game for content creators, who can now monetise their IP, on their own terms.”

If you haven’t created your first NFT yet – make sure you download Football Fan app today and start converting your content into NFTs to sell or even buy other users NFTs.