Introducing Football Fan

Where fans meet, create and share

Football Fan is an app that is revolutionising the way fans connect, engage with each other and their favourite teams, and are rewarded for the video, podcast or photo content they create, share and interact with.

Blockchain technology collides with sports fanbases, to create something truly unique.

It blends an exciting environment for fans of the beautiful game to interact with fellow fans and their clubs, create or join chat rooms, follow live scores and latest football updates from around the world with an opportunity for fans to gain rewards for their interaction and content they put out, in the form of a new digital token – FanCoin® – secured on the blockchain.

It is the first platform of its kind that will allow its content creators to then convert their content such as videos, podcasts or photos into tradable NFTs on its future marketplace, allowing content creators an opportunity to unlock their IP and maximise their revenue potential.             

Football Fan is led by fans, driven by fans and is for everyone connected with football. With a 314% oversubscription of their recent crowdfunding campaign, many fans also own equity in the company, creating a genuine partnership between fans, users, content creators and developers.
The App has generated over 11 million interactions since its official launch in June 2020 and its user base is growing daily.

In a world of volatile online advertising rates and diminishing ad revenues, Football Fan provides a place where fans can receive fair rewards for the time and effort that they put into creating new content with future revenue opportunities, and a worldwide audience of fans can come together in a healthy, safe online environment, to talk about the sport they are passionate about – football!
The ‘Football Fan’ app is available to download from iOS and Android app stores now.

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Editors Notes

The Football Fan App app can be downloaded from iOS and Android app stores now, at the following links:

To find out more about the company, go to

Football Fan is an app-based platform, providing football fans and clubs around the globe with a completely new way of connecting, engaging and interacting. With a unique rewards system, tied to the blockchain, fans and content creators receive rewards for the content they create. It aims to become the go-to fan-driven app for anything Football.

The concept behind the app is supported by several key features, including personalisation with fans creating, contributing, and receiving rewards for their football-focused content with a 'by the fans, for the fans' ethos.