Football Fan App Proudly Sponsors Football Content Awards 2022

Football Fan app is delighted to be the proud sponsor of the Football Content Awards 2022. The Award ceremony is due to be held in Manchester on 16th November and Football Fan app is honoured to be part of the Football Content Awards 2022.

Football Fan app is all about the Creator’s economy and is for everyone around the world connected with football. Sponsoring the awards, the Football Fan app recognizes the effort and achievement of a wide range of creators and professionals, while also celebrating football enthusiasts and fans’ contributions to online content.

Mr Amit Rathore, Founder and CEO of the Football Fan app liked the partnership to be "a match made in heaven". With regards to the sponsorship, he was enthusiastically quoted saying, “the sponsorship gives the Football Fan app one more way to reward the hard work and dedication of the content creators while encouraging them for integrating their passion with creativity. We are looking forward to the awards with our best wishes to all the participants.” Football Fan app, an innovatively interactive platform for football aficionados across the world is crusading to empower talented content creators in creating revenue streams for themselves while revelling in their passion with an opportunity to engage through their content in the form of videos, photos or podcasts. Creators own the IP rights and are in full control of their content. Creators get rewards for their content with the Football Fan app’s proprietary blockchain-secured FanCoin®. The app also allows creators to convert their content into NFTs and trade them on the app. Creators can also redeem their FanCoin® holdings for offers on products from over 200 brands on the Football Fan app Marketplace. FanCoin® IEO is currently live on P2B Cryptocurrency Exchange until 20th November and will be available to trade on the exchange from 25th November. Chat rooms, live score, and live commentary, are just some of the other features of the app.

Football Content Awards celebrates the best and brightest of the community of online football content creators. It recognizes and rewards content creators – independent or media organizations small or large in football. The winners are selected through independent voting by fans and a committee of industry experts. Originally founded as Football Blogging Awards in 2012, they are now recognized as the Oscars of the football content industry.

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