FanCoin® Private Sale

Current FanCoin® Price: USD 0.005469

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FanCoin® private sale is exclusively for the Football Fan community. Our community can purchase FanCoin® at a discounted price for a limited period only.

Here is a quick view of the discount offered during the private sale:

Number of FanCoin® Discount (%)
Over 500,000 5%
1 Million or more 7%
2 Million or more 10%
5 Million or more 12%
10 Million or more 15%

Key details:

  1. FanCoin® private sale end date: 7th October 2023.
  2. FanCoin® purchased will have a vesting (lock-in) period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

FanCoin® is our proprietary digital token that is secured on the blockchain. Our users collect FanCoin® as rewards and create a Web3.0 ecosystem on the Football Fan app where users are rewarded for posting content, engagement and gamification on the app.

FanCoin® is not just any other digital token but it is backed by a strong business case created on the unique Football social app.

  1. FanCoin® experiences an average daily transaction volume USD 80,000 - 100,000.
  2. Our app has been downloaded over 300,000 times on iOS and Android stores.
  3. We have distributed more than 7.7 million FanCoin® to the app community as rewards.

The vision for FanCoin® is to not only leverage the Football industry but also create a similar ecosystem in other industries such as films, music and other sports.

We have been very successful in bringing our vision to life where FanCoin® holders can use it for the following:

  1. Convert owned content into NFTs to trade on the app.
  2. Buy or resell other user's NFTs on the app.
  3. Redeem FanCoin® for offers on thousands of official products available on the app. E.g., Apple, Samsung, Nike, your favourite football club jersey etc.
  4. Exchange FanCoin® with other cryptocurrencies or tokens.

Click on download FanCoin® whitepaper or click on FanCoin® to know more details.

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