Content Moderation: Football Fan app a step ahead without jeopardising freedom of speech and expression

Moderating the way we behave online has been in the news a lot recently. Whether it is about online safety, informed consent, censorship, or regulating social media giants, people are constantly talking about how to manage the way people interact with each other digitally.

But the fact is that, with every passing app update or new set of terms and conditions, this power over what we say and who we talk to, passes out of human hands and brains, and into the realms of automation, and artificial intelligence.

This is frustrating for users of most of the big platforms. People have their accounts suspended without cause, content is taken down when it shouldn’t be, and freedom of speech and opinion is jeopardised.

But is this really making our online social ecosystem safer? The answer is, unfortunately, probably not. Social media still abounds with fake news, disinformation, and harmful content, so much so that governments around the world are drawing up plans to intervene and constrain the giant platforms.

This is why we need apps like Football Fan!

Smaller, specific, designated platforms for fans and supporters to come together and engage in a safe and secure environment, which protects users, without restricting free speech.

Our content moderation is done manually – which means real people, and not algorithms, determine what stays, and what goes.

It also offers a whole host of different ways fans can engage – whether through banter rooms, team rooms, or private one-to-one conversations, our app lets YOU choose how you want to engage.

If you’re tired of big social media platforms watching and controlling everything you say, maybe it’s time to try something different?

Football Fan App is built by fans, for fans. We know what it takes to build a vibrant, exciting, and safe environment for football-lovers to get together and celebrate the beautiful game.