Know All About Posting Content on Football Fan App

We get several questions on the Football Fan app. Therefore, we thought it will be good to run a series of regular Q&A-styled posts with app screenshots to showcase how we help hundreds of thousands of users with our amazing Web 3.0 app.

The first in the series is posting content on the Football Fan app. Hope you like it and please send in your feedback.

  1. How does a user post the content on the Football Fan app?
    Users can download the Football Fan app from iOS or Android app store, sign up and start posting content.
  2. Can a user use your website to post the content?
    Our strategy is mobile-only as we believe websites will be obsolete in future. Hence, our website is just a source of corporate information, and all the functionalities are on our mobile apps. However, users who post a lot of content or sometimes long form-content can request free access to our web-based CMS system which may help them instead of relying on inconsistent mobile networks.
  3. What kind of content can a user post?
    Users can post any football-related content such as videos, podcasts, photos or animated GIFs.
  4. Do users have to post any specific content format?
    We don’t trouble users to have different formats or layouts to post on the Football Fan app. The user can upload any content format (e.g., mp4, mpg, mp3, wav, jpg, png, gif etc) or any layout (e.g., landscape, portrait etc.). Our technology does all the magic behind the scenes to ensure the content looks awesome and is enjoyed by the audience.
  5. How does the Football Fan app help users?
    Users collect FanCoin® rewards for every post on the app. FanCoin® can then be used to redeem offers from over 200 brands on the app or exchange on a cryptocurrency exchange.
  6. How is it different from posting the same content on social media?
    A user may post the same piece of content on social media as well as on the Football Fan app. However, when a user posts content on any social media platform the content gets lost in the plethora of content and there is nothing like automatic viral these days. The user will have to spend a lot of time and sometimes money to make the content reach the right audience. Not everyone has millions of followers and not everyone makes money from those platforms. Check YouTube’s strict revenue-sharing policies on this link: These platforms make more money from the user's content than the user himself.

Being a Web 3.0 platform, we don’t claim any rights to the content or exploit the content like other social media platforms. We reward users instantly for their efforts to post content with FanCoin®. FanCoin® can then be used by the user to create value for their content. Every user on our platform is there because of their love for Football and that makes the content reach the right audience every time it's posted. Our personalisation engine helps the audience to get the right content on their home screen.

If you haven’t tried Football Fan app yet – make sure you download Football Fan app today and start collecting FanCoin® rewards and also convert your content into NFTs to sell or even buy other users NFTs.