Your guide to publishing articles on Football Fan app

How Web 3.0 Football Fan app helps writers?

Q&A-styled post that explains how the Football Fan app helps writers publish their Football articles and the benefits it brings.

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  1. Can users write articles on the Football Fan app?
    Yes, any user can write about Football on the Football Fan app. Once the article is published the user collects FanCoin® as a reward.
  2. Can a user use the app to write?
    We believe that if it is a long-form article then the mobile app becomes too clumsy at times. Therefore, users who are interested in writing long-form articles can request free access to our web-based CMS system. Additionally, the web-based CMS gives more flexibility (e.g. formatting, images, etc.) to make your articles appeal to the audience.
  3. What kind of articles can a user write?
    We are a freedom of speech platform. Therefore, users can write anything as far as it is about Football.
  4. Is there any review process for the articles?
    Yes, there is a review and approval process in place to avoid plagiarism, limit articles to Football only, ensure it is not an exercise to just collect FanCoin® and many other checks.
  5. How does this help users?
    All that we offer is free and it helps users in many ways:
    1. Not everybody gets an opportunity to write for big publishing houses and there is a lot of red tapping. We allow upcoming and seasoned writers to showcase their talent. We do not restrict anybody from writing anything about Football.
    2. We incentivise users with FanCoin® instantly once the article is published on the Football Fan app. This allows writers to create revenue streams for themselves where FanCoin® can be used to redeem offers from over 200 brands on the app or exchange on a cryptocurrency exchange.
    3. Build followers quickly by writing good articles.
    4. Every user on our platform is there because of their love for Football and that makes the articles reach the right audience every time it's published.
    5. Being a Web 3.0 platform, we don’t claim any rights to the articles.
  6. How can a user request access to the web-based CMS system?
    Users can download and sign-up on the Football Fan app from the links below.

Being a Web 3.0 platform, we don’t claim any rights to the content or exploit the content like other social media platforms. We reward users instantly for their efforts to post content with FanCoin®. FanCoin® can then be used by the user to create value for their content. Every user on our platform is there because of their love for Football and that makes the content reach the right audience every time it's posted. Our personalisation engine helps the audience to get the right content on their home screen.

If you haven’t tried Football Fan app yet – make sure you download Football Fan app today and start collecting FanCoin® rewards and also convert your content into NFTs to sell or even buy other users NFTs.