Football Fan & Prod Collaborate on New Christmas Ad Campaign

Football Fan App are proud to announce the release of their first TV ad campaign on Sky, working in partnership with Treacle 7 and created by Prod, the sister production company of Newcastle and London-based advertising agency Cravens.

The 30 second TV spot which runs from late December, features many of the creators and innovators on the platform, such as twice Freestyle World Champion Aguska Page, demonstrating some of the many engaging features for football fans.

Prod and Treacle 7 have further demonstrated their commitment to the success of the platform by proposing to be part-paid in FanCoin®.

FanCoin® is the Football Fan app’s proprietorial reward coin that rewards creators and users on unique content and sharing platform.

Andrew Kidger, MD of Prod said, “We were really excited when we heard about Football Fan app’s ambitions for growth and providing a truly democratic platform for football fans to share content. What particularly impressed us is the core concept of rewarding people who create and innovate. That’s what we’re all about, and that’s why we’re delighted not only to be working with Football Fan on this ad, but to also helping to establish and grow FanCoin®.”

Amit Singh-Rathore, founder and CEO of Football Fan, said, “Prod helping create our ad is fantastic in itself, but taking part-payment in FanCoin® is for us a huge vote of confidence in our creators, users and our platform. FanCoin® isn’t about a small group of people getting rich quick. It’s all about sharing success, rewarding creators, rewarding users, and encouraging people to use and enjoy the Football Fan platform.”