Football Fan app and Niche Sport Media enter NFT partnership

Football Fan, an app that is revolutionising the way fans connect and engage with each other and their favourite teams, has partnered with Niche Sport Media, producers and rights holders of original, short-form football news bulletins for TV, web, mobile and IPTV, to offer their collection of exclusive content for the company’s upcoming line of NFTs.

The agreement sees Football Fan become the sole platform on which fans and collectors can buy and trade unique NFTs, produced by Niche Sport Media, which will be converted into exclusive video and image NFTs featuring some of the biggest names in Football into NFTs for collecting and trading.

Sport is firmly at the heart of the huge interest in NFTs, and this offer will give people the chance to own a digital piece of their favourite clubs, and remember those special sporting moments, delivered through Football Fan’s own marketplace, recently approved by Apple for download on the iOS app store.

This partnership provides football fans around the world with the opportunity to own, limited edition, multimedia NFTs commemorating their favourite players and clubs.

On behalf of Football Fan Limited, CEO Amit Singh Rathore said:
“We are pleased to be working with Niche Sport Media to bring this exciting range of NFTs to our marketplace. By allowing sports fans to trade these collectables of the future on our platform, we hope to add even more value to the tens of thousands of users who engage with our app every week. We are super excited to work with Niche Sport Media who exclusively owns the copyrights to some amazing content and our platform being an enabler will help them in converting their content into NFTs to trade on our app-based marketplace. Fans can purchase some never seen before content on Football Fan app as digital collectables or even trade them further on the app.”

On behalf of Niche Sport Media, Managing Director Jeff Picket said:
“This is an exciting time to be a football supporter, especially with the growth of Football Fan app allowing fans to create content and interact with each other in chat rooms or share their love and passion for the own club.
The rapid growth and popularity of NFTs meant we wanted to be able to provide fans with what they want - creative unique images or videos of their favourite players for them to collect and own.

Niche Sport Media and Football Fan app share the same ideology of providing fans a safe platform to share the love of their favourite players and teams and banter with upcoming opposition fans ahead and after their league and cup games.
Football Fan app allows supporters to be part of the game they live, breathe and love and new technological developments mean they can own and trade unique NFTs and share their passion for the beautiful game.”

If you haven’t tried the app yet – make sure you download Football Fan app today and start collecting FanCoin® rewards and also convert your content into NFTs to sell or even buy other users NFTs.