Football Fan: A Web3.0 App Helping Creators

The world of content creation seems all rosy and extremely lucrative for the uninitiated. Every day, thousands of people are lured by the ‘work-less-earn-more’ concept that has gained popularity in the last few years. It is only when they are deep into the content creation pool that they realise it is a clear case of the grass being greener on the other side.

According to Micro Biz Mag, an online magazine in the UK for small businesses, there are approximately 2 million freelancers currently in the UK, working on various content creation platforms. Out of the 2 million, a huge majority of 1.7 million have made content creation their primary occupation.

In the quest of getting ‘viral’ and famous, the content creators are posting their hard work on various traditional social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, for wide reachability. By doing so, they are unknowingly (in some cases, knowingly as well) transferring the ownership rights of their content to the platforms they are posting on.

Then there are content creator marketplaces. In search of continuous workflow, content creators list themselves on numerous freelancing marketplaces. These freelancing marketplaces charge a huge fee to the content creators, taking away a big chunk of their earnings. Shrugging their shoulders with a what-else-can-we-do approach, freelance content creators are getting pulled into mounds of work with unsatisfactory returns.

With the mission to empower creators, Football Fan, an innovative fan-driven app, has devised a unique platform where content creators are in control of their work, in the true sense of the word. Football Fan app uses the Web 3.0 features to draw benefits for the content creators.

With the Football Fan app, creators can:

  1. Post content: The creators are treated with FanCoin® rewards for posting their content on the app. The content can either be videos, podcasts or even photos.
  2. Become a football writer: The app gives the opportunity to writers and journalists to publish their football focussed articles and get rewarded with up to 1000 FanCoin® based on the quality of the article. This is done by granting access to the web-based CMS of the Football Fan platform.
  3. Democratise NFTs: The app allows the creators to convert content like pictures, podcasts, and videos into NFTs in less than 60 seconds and list them for their desired price in FanCoin® on the app’s FanCoin® marketplace. The app has demystified NFTs in a way that a man-on-the-street can convert his owned content into NFTs and make them tradable collectibles with a tap of a button on the app.
  4. Football Fan app was 314% overfunded on Crowdcube last year by fans from around the world and has been growing consistently with over 25 million active engagements from hundreds of thousands of users. The vision to help creators with Web 3.0 features is ground breaking.

Speaking about the app, Amit Singh Rathore, Founder and CEO of Football Fan, said:
“The idea was to create a platform that helps everyone who relates to football and to reward users for their efforts. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter don’t reward their userbase and are exploiting their content for their own benefit. We invented blockchain-secured FanCoin® to liberate content creators and back it with a strong meaningful business case, unlike several meaningless digital currencies. What this means for the FanCoin® holders is that they are in control with their FanCoin® whether they want to bank them or redeem them on the app with several offers or exchange them on our partner exchange.”

If you haven’t tried Football Fan app yet – make sure you download Football Fan app today and start creating revenue streams for yourself with Web 3.0 technology stack.